Lovoy Maritime Plain Language Dictionary

Short everyday words are easy to understand – use them as much as possible. Reading complex words take more time even for native speakers. We made this dictionary to suggest simpler alternatives. Some filler words add little value such as completely dead. We mark them (skip?) meaning you might not need them.

Note: We recommend to continue using maritime terms such as “forecastle”, "bollard", and other IMO standard marine phrases.


Complex Clear
a and/or b a or b or both
a number of some, many
abandon stop, give up, break off
abate ease, improve, become less intense
aberration unusual, abnormal
abundance enough, plenty
accede to allow, agree to
accelerate speed up
accentuate stress
accommodation housing, room
accompany go with, with
accomplish do, finish, complete
accorded given
according to in line with, as listed in
accordingly so, therefore
accrue add, gain
accurate correct, exact, right
acquiesce agree
acquire get, buy
activate start, operate, connect
actuate start, push, turn on, use
additional added, extra, more, other
address discuss, tell, talk, speak
addressees you
adequate enough
adjacent to next to, near by
adjustment change, alteration
admissible allowed, accepted
admit let
advantageous helpful, useful
adversely impact on hurt, set back
advise recommend, tell
affirmative yes
affix add, attach, stick on
afford an opportunity allow, let
aggravate increase, make worse
aggregate total
alert tell
alleviate ease, reduce
allocate give, find
aloft at height, above
along the lines of like, as in
alteration change
alternatively or
ambivalent unsure
ameliorate improve, help
ample plenty, enough, sufficient
an absence of no, none
and/or use either "and", "or" or both
annotation write
annunciate show, come on
anticipate expect
apiece each
apparent clear, plain
applicant you
application use
appreciable many
apprehend arrest
apprise inform, tell, advise
appropriate proper, right
approximate about
arise rise
arrive onboard arrive
as a means of to
as per see, following, in line with, according to
as prescribed by in, under
as to about
as yet, as of yet yet
ascend rise, climb
ascertain find out, learn, make sure, confirm,
assign give
assist, assistance help
at its discretion can, may
at the moment now
at the present time now
at your earliest convenience as soon as you can
attain get, meet
attempt try
attributable to because
augment increase
avid eager


Complex Clear
because of the fact that because, since
belated late
beneficial helpful, useful
benefit help
bestow give, award
beverage drink
by means of by, with
by reason of because
by virtue of by, under


Complex Clear
capability ability, can
capable of am, is, are, can
carry out (skip or rewrite to avoid nominalization?)
caveat warning, caution
cease stop, end, finish
chauffeur driver
close proximity near
cognizant aware, mindful
combat environment combat
combined joint
commence begin, start
commensurate equal
competent qualified, skilled
component part
comprise form, include, make up
computation calculation
conceal hide
concerning about, on
conduct (conduct a meeting) hold, run
conduct (conduct an inspection) make, do
conduct a… (skip or rewrite to avoid nominalization)
conform comply with or follow
conformity (in conformity with) see conform
consensus agreement
consequently so, therefore
consolidate combine, join, merge
conspicuous clear and visible
conspicuously in a clearly visible way
constitutes is, forms, makes up
contains has
continuity steady, stable, constant, without breaks
convene meet
cumulative increasing, growing, collective
currently now
curtail restrict, reduce, cut down
curvature curving, bend


Complex Clear
decelerate slow down, brake, reduce speed
decrease reduce
deem believe, consider, think
deficiency shortage, lack
delete cut, drop
deleterious unsafe, harmful
delve dig, (explore, research)
demonstrate prove, show
depart leave
designate appoint, choose, name
desire want, wish
determine decide, figure, find
deviate stray, differ
dilapidated broken-down, run-down
discard remove
discernable clear, apparent, noticeable
discernible clear, apparent, noticeable
disclose show, make known
discontinue drop, stop
display show, put on the wall
dispose arrange, place
disseminate give, issue, pass, send
dissimilar different
divulge show, tell, reveal
does not have lacks
doubtlessly probably
due to the fact that because, due to, since
during the period of during, while, when


Complex Clear
each and every all, we, you, us
effect modifications make changes
effort try
egregious extremely bad, gross, terrible
elect select, choose, pick
eliminate cut, drop, end
elucidate explain
emit produce, release, send out
emphasize stress
employ use
encounter meet, run into, come across
endeavor try
engage (be more specific) involve, start, take on, activate, hold
enquiry question
ensure make sure
entangle tangle, twist
entitlement right
entrust, entrusted assign, trust
enumerate count
envisage expect, forecast
equally as equally
equitable fair
equivalent same, equal
erroneous wrong
establish set up, prove, show
evidenced showed
evident clear, obvious
evince show, prove
excluding except, without
exclusively only
execute (skip or rewrite to avoid nominalization?)
exhibit show
expedite hurry, speed up
expeditious fast, quick
expeditiously quickly, speedy, fast
expend spend
expertise ability
expiration end
extenuating justifying, excusing


Complex Clear
facilitate ease, help
failed to did not
fallacious wrong, false
feasible can be done, workable
finalize complete, finish
first and foremost first
first(ly), second(ly), third(ly) first, second, third
following after, next
for a period of for, during
for the duration of during
for the purpose of to
for the reason that, to
forewarn warn
forfeit give up, lose
formulate plan
forthwith immediately, at once, now
forward send
frequently often
frigid very cold, freezing
function act, role, work
furnish give, send
furthermore also, then, and, still


Complex Clear
gain get, gather
garner collect, gather
gaseous gas
generate make
govern control, run
grant give


Complex Clear
has a duty to shall
has a requirement for needs
hence therefore
henceforth from now on, from this point on
hereby now, by this (skip?)
herein here
hereinafter after this (skip?)
hereof of this
hereto to this
heretofore until now, up to this time
herewith below, here, with this, enclosed, attached
hitherto until now
honest truth truth
however but, yet


Complex Clear
identical same
identify with agree, understand
identify find, name, show
if and when use either word; not both
immerse dip, wet, soak
impacted affected, changed
impervious resistant, proof
implement do, start, put into action
imply suggest, hit at
imprudent unwise, careless, foolish
in a timely manner on time, quickly
in accordance with by, following, under
in addition also, besides, too
in all likelihood probably
in an effort to to
in between between
in close proximity near
in conjunction with and, with
in connection with with, about
in excess of more than
in favor of for
in lieu of instead (of)
in light of the fact that because, since
in many cases often
in order for for
in order that for, so
in order to to
in regard to about, concerning, on
in regard(s) to about, concerning, on
in relation to about, with, to
in some instances sometimes
in the amount of for
in the case of if
in the event of if
in the majority of instances usually
in the nature of like
in the near future shortly, soon
in the process of (omit)
in the process of are
in view of the above so
in view of because, since
inasmuch (as) since
incandescent extremely bright, (extremely bright and hot)
inception start
incompetence inability, lacking skill
incumbent upon must
incumbent necessary, required, mandatory, essential
incur have to pay, owe
indicate say, state, or show
indication sign
individual person
initial first
initiate begin, start
innumerable many, countless, too many (to be counted)
inside of inside
instigate begin, start
inter alia among others, and others
interface meet, work with
interpose no objection do not object
irrespective no matter, regardless
is applicable to applies to
is authorized to can, may
is in consonance with agrees with, follows
is responsible for shall
it appears seems
it is essential must, need to
it is requested please, we request, I request


Complex Clear
jointly together


Complex Clear
knead press, squeeze


Complex Clear
lastly last
leverage use
liaison discussion, contact person
limited number limits
livid angry, irritated


Complex Clear
magnitude size, level
majority most
make an attempt try
make an effort try
make reference to refer to
maximum greatest, largest, most
mental attitude attitude
methodology method
minutiae minor detail, finer points
miscellaneous mixed, varied
mislay lose
moreover also, besides, in addition
muchly much
multiple many


Complex Clear
necessitate cause, need
negligible very small
nevertheless still, besides, even so
not certain uncertain
not later than 10 May by 10 May, before 11 May
not many few
not often seldom, rarely
not the same different
not unlike similar, alike
notwithstanding in spite of, still
null and void use either "null" or "void"
numerous many


Complex Clear
obligate require, bind
observe see
obtain get
occasionally sometimes
olfactory sense of smell
on a daily basis daily
on the basis of by, from
on the contrary but, so
on the part of by
operate run, use, work
optimize perfect
optimum best, greatest, most
option choice, way
orientate orient
owing to the fact that because, since


Complex Clear
paramount very important, most important
participate take part
per annum a year
per annum a year, each year, yearly
perchance perhaps
perform a… (skip or rewrite to avoid nominalization?)
perform do
peril danger, risk, unsafe
peril risk, danger
perilous dangerous, risky, unsafe
permit let
perspire sweat
pertaining to about, of, on
peruse read
place put
point in time, particular point in time time, point, now, moment
portion part
portray show, display, describe
possess have, own
post after
potentiality potential
practicable practical, possible
pre before
precipitate cause, lead to
preclude prevent
predicament difficult, dilemma
preliminary to before
preowned used
preparatory to to prepare for
prescribed approved, given
prevailing existing
previous to before
previous earlier
previously before
prior to before
prioritize rank
proceed do, go ahead, try
proficiency skill
promulgate issue, publish
provide guidance for guide
provide give, offer, say
provided that if
provides guidance for guides
proximity near
prudent wise, careful, sensible, well judged
purchase buy
pursuant to by, following, under


Complex Clear
quadral in four parts
quasi in part, somewhat
questionable not sure


Complex Clear
rectify correct, repair
reflect say, show
regarding about, of, on
reiterate repeat, restate
relative to about, on
relevant similar/related
relocate move
remain stay
remainder rest
remittance payment
remuneration pay, payment
render give, make
rendezvous meeting
represents is
request ask
require shall, must, need
requirement need
requisition, requisitioned ask, request
reside live
resume continue, start again
retain keep, has, continues to have
revoke cancel


Complex Clear
said, some, such the, this, that
selection choice
set forth in in
signify suggest, show, mean
similar to like
solicit ask for, request
speedily fast
state-of-the-art latest
statutory legal, by law
strategize plan
subject the, this, your
submit give, send
subsequent (to) later, next, after, then
subsequently after, next, later, then
substantial large, much
successfully complete complete, pass
sufficient enough
supplement add, in addition, increase


Complex Clear
take action to (omit)
terminate end, stop
the undersigned I
thereafter then, afterwards, later
thereby so, by that, because of that
therefore so
therein there
thereof its, their
this activity, command us, we
thus so, therefore
time period (use one – not both)
timely prompt
to be violative of violate
tranquil peaceful, calm, quiet
transmit send
transpire happen


Complex Clear
unambiguous clear, with only one meaning
under the provisions of under
undernoted the following, noted below
undersigned I, we
undertake start, begin
uniformity consistent, equal
unilateral one-sided, one-way
unobtainable unavailable
until such time as until
utilize, utilization use
utter total, complete, absolute


Complex Clear
validate confirm, verify
viable practical, workable
vice instead of, versus


Complex Clear
warrant call for, permit
whatsoever whatever, any, what, at all
whensoever when
whereas because, since
wherein where, in what
whether or not whether,
whilst while, when, during
with reference to about
with regard to about
with respect to on, about
with the exception of except (for)
witnessed saw


Complex Clear
xeric dry


Complex Clear
yield give, supply, profit
your attention is drawn see, note


Complex Clear