Lovoy Company Information

Lovoy AS is an incorporated company registered in Norway

Company registration number: 994702246

VAT registration number: NO 994702246 MVA

Year of registration: 2009

Company type: Research, development, training and consulting

Address: Telthusveien 11, N4319 Sandnes, Norway

Phone: +47 41374000

Terje Lovoy, CEO

Terje Lovoy, CEO

+47 41374000 — terje@lovoy.infoLinkedIn

Terje trains companies in making documentation short and to the point. He gives presentations about making concise procedures saying what needs to be said with as few words as possible. Terje spent 27 years in aviation, as Captain and Vice President in SAS Scandinavian Airlines. He was a Procedure Designer, Boeing Evaluator, worked for Japan Airlines and made methods for writing lean text.

Jodi Lee, Senior Partner

Jodi Lee, Senior Partner


Jodi manages projects and teaches procedure design. She also does project effect confirmation. Her recent work has been with various High Reliability Organizations such as Diving, Rail, ROVs, Shipping, Emergency Response, Food Safety and Offshore Oil. Before that, she worked 7 years for the International School of Stavanger and 27 years with safety for American Airlines. Jodi is originally from Canada.