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Lovoy is a research and development corporation specializing in reducing large volumes of complex inconsistent text to clear, easy to use text. The Lovoy Team trains and supports companies in how to use the Lovoy Method.

Jodi Lee, CEO

Jodi Lee worked with safety for American Airlines for 27 years. She also worked 7 years for the International School of Stavanger. Jodi worked mostly with shipping the last 8 years. She has been involved in more than 30 safety management systems simplification and improvement projects.

Terje Lovoy, Senior Partner

Captain (ret.) Terje Lovoy spent 27 years in aviation, as Captain and Vice President in SAS Scandinavian Airlines. He was a Procedure Designer, Boeing Evaluator, worked for Japan Airlines and made methods for writing lean text. From 2009 to 2020 Terje worked extensively with shipping. He analyzed more than 50 safety management systems.