Video: Offshore Production Procedures

In September 2017, Teekay Offshore Production completed a simplification and improvement project. The project was for their Safety Management System (SMS) for Floating Production Storage and Offloading operations (FPSO).

Lovoy Method

Teekay Offshore Production used the Lovoy method to drive the project and engaged offshore and onshore experienced personnel in Brazil, in UK and Norway.

We have seen the result

The existing procedures were industry standard but that was not good enough. Mandated by the offshore team and the onshore teams, we just had to do this explains Arne Bye, Senior Vice President of Operations. Now we have seen the result, 41 procedures improved, simplified and with a much better structure ready for implementation. But this is not the end. This is just the beginning. We will run more workshops; we will train more writers and train all users.

Good for Safety, Efficiency and Operational up Time

Chris Brett, President of Teekay Offshore Production, explains that this is important, not only for us, but as an industry we have to get better at doing this. We have allowed far too much unnecessary complication to come into the work that we are doing. That drives cost, that drives uncertainty, it has a direct impact on safety. This is good for safety, it is good for efficiency, it's good for operational up time. This is absolutely critical for us as Teekay, but certainly as an industry as well, we have to get better in this area.