Simplified Emergency Response

Major airline used simplicity to improve emergency  response procedures.

Simplified Emergency Response

Airline Emergency Response Manuals (ERM) had become too complex

In 2015, one of the worlds largest airline alliances ran an emergency response exercise for its member airlines.

One of the members, a major European airline with a long history, concluded that the their Emergency Response Manuals (ERM) had become too complex. The ERM covers administrative procedures for how to handle an accident. This includes; media, taking care of next-of-kin, insurance, legal and the many other urgent tasks.

The airline concluded that the old ERM:

  • Took too long time to find what you need
  • Mixed references and urgent actions
  • Had a complex tangled structure branching through documents
  • Repeated information in several places
  • Used too long sentences which you had to read several times to understand

Typical Generic Lovoy Manual Structure

New Concise Mindset

The airline engaged Jodi Lee from Lovoy to help them make next generation procedures that would:

  • Say what needs to be said with as few words as possible.
  • Avoid double talk
  • Take out unnecessary words

The new ERM was completed in the first part of 2016.