Video: User-Friendly Procedures are Used More

How Offshore Supply Operator Eidesvik simplified and improved their Safety Management System (SMS).

New Simplified and Improved Safety Management System

Eidesvik have, for more than fifty years, built up a reputation primarily related to safety, quality and innovation in operations. In this video (5:58) CEO Jan Fredrik Meling explains how new methods have helped them create a new SMS giving them a competitive edge versus their competition.

Since our new text has fewer words, some might think the new text has less facts which again will require more training or give findings on vetting inspections. The video shows how the new text is concise and that concise means to say the same things with as few words as possible.

Jobs are Becoming More and More Complex

Jan Fredrik Meling explains how the job for every individual in our company and in society in general are becoming more and more complex all the time and we have, as management tried to support this with management systems, which over time has become bigger and bigger and more and more complex and less and less user friendly.

It’s our the job in the office, primarily me as CEO to ensure that we cater for our employees possibility to make their jobs as good as possible and then specifically related to safety and quality in what they’re doing.

Competitive Edge

That is the background to why we have made the decision to introduce a totally new management system which is much more concise and simpler to use. It improves safety, compliance and gives our employees a competitive edge versus our competition.

A set of new procedures and checklists now covers bride, deck, engine and galley.